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Slaughterhouse - Everybody Down




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RIP Nate Dogg

hes one of my hometown heroes.
rest in peace nate dogg.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Andrae Alexander

this is my homie, hes talented.


Learn to Play the Piano with a Piano Course for the Microwave Generation!

The Average Joe who has always wanted to play the piano can learn how to play by ear while using this course. Performers, songwriters, and musicians can also benefit by using this piano course to not only learn chords, but to learn how to train your hands to play what you hear. They will also learn 4 song progressions that have been used to make hit music for 30+ years. As an added bonus, there are 5 games to help vocalist free their voice as well as 7 games to help keyboard player’s solo and riff.

Singers who are tired of having to hire piano players can learn to play for themselves with this course. The course also teaches how to read and write chord charts. Musicians who can play but want to learn music theory should also buy this course. Songwriters and music producers who want to be able to play what they hear in their head will greatly benefit from using this course.

Andrae Alexander is a sought after author, film composer, music producer, and songwriter. He also served 8 years as a military 4 of which were with The United States Navy Band, which provides musical support for the President of the United States. Andrae has worked with, been on stage, opened for, or been on cd projects with many of today’s great artists and producers like: The Roots, Common, Estelle, No I.D., Chrissette Michelle, Patti Labelle, Vanessa Hudgens, Debbie Allen, Justo Almario, Helen Baylor, and Alvin Slaughter to name a few. He has performed on, “The Jay Leno Show”, “The Ellen Show”, “The Today Show” and others. As a teacher Mr. Alexander has worked with artist/actors like Shanica Knowles as well as singer/songwriters/ producers like Ayanna from the Universal Music Group, and Emmalyn Estrada.

For more information go to http://andraealexander.com/ or email andraesworld@gmail.com.


Sir Michael Rocks - The Rocks Report

mickey rocks

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XXL Freshman 2011

wheres Dom Kennedy? Chip The Ripper? XV? Vado turned them down.........

Fiend - Fiend 4 Da Money


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Pulled Over By The Cops - Authority MP3

The Cool Kids + Chip Tha Ripper + Freddie Gibbs = Pulled Over By The Cops

Pac Div - Church League Champions

got my 501 jeans
my crew neck sweater
saggin in my pants cuz i dont know better

Roccett - The Free Agent

westcoast gangsta shit

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Casey LaLonde - Thank You

not hiphop but pretty damn good

Big Sean - Finally Famous Vol. 3

and my bitch got body
but i sit her in the back cuz my nigga called shotty!

Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State (A Love Story)

lyrical genius

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